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Dennis Ponce
Dennis Ponce
  • At Basa Burua, we understand that most homeowners do not have adequate time and knowledge required to fix some of the issues they have in their properties.

Some take the DIY approach and others hire experts.

If you are a DIY person, then this is the right resource for you. Our online resource and community can offer you tips and advice that can save you a lot of money as far as doing home improvement projects is concerned. These are some of our topics.  

  • Bathroom – Give your bathroom a new look and feel by adding a bathtub and renovating it.  
  • Kitchen – Learn everything that you need to transform the kitchen into a contemporary one.  
  • Roofing – Find out when you should repair and replace your roofing to prevent unnecessary leaks 
  • Real Estate – Get to know when to invest in real estate or purchase a home for your family.